𓍊𓋼Welcome Earthlings𓋼𓍊


Hello Earthlings!<3

About the Shop 

The Earthling Shop Is an eco conscious shop who’s main priority is to provide our products , for you to enjoy , in the most Eco-Friendly way possible. We care about your future and the future of our planet so we’re doing our part as a shop to not contribute to the destruction of our planet as much as we can. We do so by using Vegan, Eco-Friendly products & Packaging ! Our dream is to inspire you and other shops to be more conscious of our impact on the planet and to share our love and respect for the planet.    

About Me<3 

My name is Melii Lopez, I’m a 21 year old Queer (She/Her) Latina who has always dreamed of working for myself so that I could be able to express myself creatively in any way I want. I realized that going to school put me in a box which made me so unhappy and unmotivated. I dropped out of college to find myself and what I discovered is my passion for creating. However, I have always had a deep love for nature which has made me into a very passionate environmental activist so, it has been such a pleasure for me to be able to create products and sell them in the most Eco-Friendly way I can. I make my handmade products and Art with so much love and positive energy in my home in Southern California . I hope my products bring you happiness all while causing the least harm possible to the planet. <3 

What Makes Our Shop Eco Friendly 

  • Check Out the Our Eco-Friendly Packaging Blog. It has a list of all the packaging materials we use, an explanation on what makes it Eco-Friendly, and How you can Dispose of It. 
  • Our products are 100% Palm Oil free. If you want to learn more about the negative effects of the Palm Oil industry click HERE !