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Why We Don't Use Palm Oil

And Why We Suggest That You Avoid It Too...

Its Environmental Impact

  • It contributes to Deforestation which destroys the rich Biodiversity in these habitats.
    • Palm Oil Plantations currently cover more than 27 million Hectares of Earths Surface. (1 hectare = 2.5 Acres)
    • Statistics say up to 300 football fields of Rainforests are cleared every hour for plantations. 
    • At the current rate of Deforestation in Indonesia, 98% of the countries forests will be gone by 2022. 
  • The Palm Oil Industry releases large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere because land is commonly cleared by fires. 
    • The loss of Rainforest land by fires released the equivalent of about 10.5 gigatons of Carbon Dioxide emissions into the atmosphere so far. 
    • Indonesian fires pumped at least 708 million tons of Carbon Dioxide Emissions. 
  • All of this clearing of rich Rainforest land Displaces and Kills the Wildlife living there. Such as endangered species like Orangutans, Rhinos, Tigers, Chimpanzees, and Elephants. Not Only does it displace local wildlife, it also displaces Indigenous people living on their land which leads to our next point... 

Who It Affects

  • Indigenous people from Indonesia and Malaysia who produce 90% of Palm Oil consumed, but also Papua New Guinea and Guatemalan Indigenous/Native people. 
  • Illegal loggers from the Palm Oil industry steal Indigenous peoples land in the Rainforests by setting 'Accidental" fires to clear land to use for Palm Oil Plantations. 
    • Causing them to then be displaced and having their homes destroyed. 
  • Indigenous people living in the rainforest often have a deep spiritual connection to their land. Their land is sacred to them. This industry along with others are destroying their land.
  • As for the locals, farmers who give into the pressure of working for the Big Palm Oil companies are always in debt to them in the same way lots of small farmers are in debt to Big Agriculture Corporations. These companies in the Palm Oil Industry also use child labor, often times the children of these farmers, in order to help pay off their families debt and make ends meet. 

The Other Side...

  • The main reason Palm Oil is consumed so much is simply because, it is CHEAP. 
  • From a different perspective, Palm Oil is beneficial because it is a cost effective ingredient. This makes it found in most affordable food & beauty products.
    • Completely Boycotting Palm Oil would not be possible for people who are low income and/or live in food deserts because nearly all of the food available to them that is affordable will contain Palm Oil. 
  •  Apart from that, the Palm Oil industry is so large that it employs millions of people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea & Guatemala. 

But is it worth all of the Exploitation and Destruction it causes...?

Who are the consumers and what is it used for?

  • The United States and Europe are some of the largest Palm Oil Consumers. 
  • The global consumption is at 60 Million Tons Per Year, and the rate is still expected to increase yearly. 
  • In the United States, Palm Oil is mostly consumed as Vegetable Oil or food that contains Palm Oil in it. It is also commonly used in Beauty & Care Products such as Soap.  
  • 50% of products found in the supermarkets in the United States contain Palm Oil. That includes both food and non-food products. 

What do we suggest ? (Our Personal Opinion)

  • We suggest that you still Boycott the use of Palm Oil from companies that use unsustainable and unethical practices. If you are in a privileged position to do so. 
    • Keep in mind that even "sustainable" Palm Oil from RSPO still isn't considered sustainable ENOUGH. It is mostly Greenwashing that they are doing. 
  • Something Everyone can do is: 
    • Do your own research on the subject.
    • Share information to spread awareness. 
    • Protest against the corrupt Industry, companies, and governments involved that have been allowing all of the exploitation and destruction going on.  
  • Encourage Companies and even small businesses to either no longer use Palm Oil and/or to help us demand for ACTUAL Sustainably produced Palm Oil.
    • The goal is for companies that are legally considered to sustainably and ethically  produce Palm Oil to have Zero exploitation and live up to implemented Environmental Standards set by Environmentalists. 
  • Remind yourself that there is no ethical consumption under Capitalism. As long as you are doing as much as you can to hold both yourself and the Industry itself accountable, you are doing enough. 

Thank You for choosing to educate yourself Earthling. Remember to do the best you can to help our Mother Earth <3


Disclaimer : 

I am not an expert nor a credible source for this topic. I am simply sharing information I know from the personal research I have done over the years . Please as always, do your own research on the subject!!


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